The Main Introduction Of Led Wall Lamp

We are a led wall light manufacturer. The wall lamp mentioned here refers to the balconies, stairs, corridors, corridors and bedrooms, suitable for permanent lights; color-changing wall lamps are mostly used for festivals and celebrations; most bedside wall lamps are installed on the upper left side of the bed with the lamp holder It can […]

High Bay Lights And Lawn Lights

The highbay light manufacturer will tell you what are the characteristics of high bay lights: 1. The body of the LED high bay light is made of high-strength die-cast aluminum material, and the surface is anti-aging and electrostatic spray treatment, self-cleaning and strong corrosion resistance. 2. Using high-quality Kerui LED products, high stability, long life of […]

Types Of Led Lamps For Outdoor Lighting

We are an outdoor lighting manufacturer. The main types of LED outdoor lighting fixtures are as follows: 1. LED street lights are used for traffic lighting at night. 2. Solar street light, sunlight as energy, storage battery, LED light as light source, charging during the day and use at night. 3. Yard lamps, lamp tubes […]

The Structure Of The Charging Lamp

The rechargeable lamp is one of the main products of our rechargeable light manufacturers. The introduction of the charging lamp is as follows:Rechargeable bulbs are also known as storage bulbs, time-delay bulbs, continuous light bulbs, and non-extinguishable lights. Emergency bulbs combine general lighting functions and power failure emergency lighting functions. The lighting color can be […]

A Brief Introduction To Lawn Lights

We are a professional floodlight manufacturer, providing a variety of professional floodlight products, including lawn lamps.LED Christmas decoration outdoor landscape lawn lights are made of high-quality PPand ABS materials, which are durable and reliable. Energy-saving and long service life, the lamp adopts IP65 waterproof grade and can be used under different conditions. Moreover, it is […]

Ours Outdoor Lighting Manufacturer-The Best

  We use many techniqures in our lighting design plans that are not used, studied or understood by many of our competitors. The outdoor lighting manufacturer also specialize in repairing and maintaining all types of outdoor lighting whether we orignally installed it or not.We are outdoor lighting manufacturer.   Indoor LED Lighting can be used in a […]

Led Floodlight-Like And Elegant

  This outdoor lamps is ideal in outdoor areas where a low-maintenance solution is required.It is a high-intensity artificial light that is used to illuminate a large area.These outdoor lamps include complete flood fixtures with built-in LED arrays to replace halogens or incandescents.The functions of outdoor lamps is the most diversified of any light out there. […]

Led Work Light Manufacturer-A Little Warmth For You

  outdoor lighting manufacturer with motion sensors provide you with a solution that only keeps your light on when necesarry.Each outdoor lighting we offer is constructed of weather resistant materials, such as heavy duty resin, power coated aluminum.Once detached from outdoor lighting, its easy grip handle also allows it to be transported with ease. Bathe them […]

Highbay Light Manufacturer-The Brightest Light, You Deserve It

  We believe that lighting can be energy efficient, while providing high-quality performance and outstanding aesthetic design.Which is not only a landscape lighting also could guarantee Outdoor security especially in dark.Automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn.Solar energy charging, energy saving and eco-friendly.   lawn lamp is fixed with the fixed disk that the […]

Led Wall Light Manufacturer-We Have Multiple Options

  We are rechargeable light manufacturer.Rechargeable lights can also be used indoors for lighting stages to create an artificial daytime setting.Rechargeable lights are designed to provide a high-intensity bright flooding illumination.It didn’t flicker or buzz in any of our dimming tests, it aced our heat build-up tests and it comes.We are rechargeable light manufacturer.   These rechargeable […]