Types Of Led Lamps For Outdoor Lighting

We are an outdoor lighting manufacturer. The main types of LED outdoor lighting fixtures are as follows:

1. LED street lights are used for traffic lighting at night.

2. Solar street light, sunlight as energy, storage battery, LED light as light source, charging during the day and use at night.

3. Yard lamps, lamp tubes and lamp stands are mostly installed on the courtyard floor; used in parks, street gardens, hotels, industrial and mining enterprises, courtyards of institutions and schools.

4. Buried lights, sturdy and durable, water seepage prevention, excellent heat dissipation performance; widely used in shopping malls, parking lots, green belts, parks buried lights, tourist attractions, residential quarters, urban sculptures, pedestrian streets, building steps and other places .

5. Wall washer, architectural decoration lighting or outline the outline of large buildings.

6. Tunnel lights, in order to solve the “black hole effect” or “white hole response” caused by the sudden change of vehicle brightness, special lamps used for tunnel lighting.

7.Landscape lights, high viewing, harmonious and unified with the historical culture of the scenic spot and the surrounding environment. It is suitable for landscape places such as squares, residential areas, and public green spaces.

8. Lawn lights are used for lighting facilities around lawns, adding safety and beauty to urban green spaces, simple installation and strong decoration. It can be used around lawns in parks, villas, and pedestrian streets, parking lots, squares and other places.

9. Underwater lights, the appearance is similar to some underground lights, the chassis is fixed with screws.

10. Fountain lights, widely used in square landscape fountains, garden fountains, background lighting and other places.

11. The guardrail tube has physical characteristics such as waterproof, dustproof, UV-proof, high temperature resistance, cold resistance, environmental protection, energy saving and power saving, and long service life. It is widely used in places such as bridges, roads, building walls, parks, squares, and entertainment venues.

12. Stage lights, according to the development of the plot, carry out an all-round vision of the characters and the specific scenes required.

13. Movable lights are often used in indoor and mobile workplaces, as well as outdoor TV, film photography and other places.

14. The traffic lights are red, yellow, and green. Signal lights used to direct traffic.

15. Car lights, various traffic lights to ensure safe driving. There are two types of lights and signal lights.

16. Light bar/belt. Light bar is another name for light belt, which is also named for its shape.

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