The Structure Of The Charging Lamp

The rechargeable lamp is one of the main products of our rechargeable light manufacturers. The introduction of the charging lamp is as follows:
Rechargeable bulbs are also known as storage bulbs, time-delay bulbs, continuous light bulbs, and non-extinguishable lights. Emergency bulbs combine general lighting functions and power failure emergency lighting functions. The lighting color can be designed according to different needs. It has wide applicability, easy installation or replacement, etc. advantage.
The structure of the rechargeable lamp is as follows: bulb head, shell, battery, light source, lamp shade and electronic control board; the housing space formed by connecting the shell and then connecting the lamp shade via the bulb head, contains the electronic control board, battery and light source, and They are connected to each other via wires; the electronic control board can convert AC power to DC power and provide it to the light source, and the electronic control board can detect whether the AC power is truly cut off and choose whether to switch the power to battery power.
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