Types Of Led Lamps For Outdoor Lighting

We are an outdoor lighting manufacturer. The main types of LED outdoor lighting fixtures are as follows: 1. LED street lights are used for traffic lighting at night. 2. Solar street light, sunlight as energy, storage battery, LED light as light source, charging during the day and use at night. 3. Yard lamps, lamp tubes […]

The Structure Of The Charging Lamp

The rechargeable lamp is one of the main products of our rechargeable light manufacturers. The introduction of the charging lamp is as follows:Rechargeable bulbs are also known as storage bulbs, time-delay bulbs, continuous light bulbs, and non-extinguishable lights. Emergency bulbs combine general lighting functions and power failure emergency lighting functions. The lighting color can be […]

A Brief Introduction To Lawn Lights

We are a professional floodlight manufacturer, providing a variety of professional floodlight products, including lawn lamps.LED Christmas decoration outdoor landscape lawn lights are made of high-quality PPand ABS materials, which are durable and reliable. Energy-saving and long service life, the lamp adopts IP65 waterproof grade and can be used under different conditions. Moreover, it is […]